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BROLIS LP3X SWIR (VIS 1550-1550 nm)

BROLIS LP3X SWIR (VIS 1550-1550 nm)
The BROLIS LP3X is a rugged, small and extremely lightweight SWIR laser pointer-illuminator featuring 3 laser sources: Visible red (green on request), covert SWIR aiming pointer and SWIR illuminator. The BROLIS LP3X is designed for use with small arms and crew served weapons to provide enhanced direct-fire aiming and illumination capabilities in any weather conditions. The BROLIS LP3X is easy to use, operates from a single CR123A battery, has full metal aircraft grade aluminium housing and is protected by superior wear and corrosion resistant, chemically stable ceramic coating.
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Part numberLP3X-650-1550-1550
Wavelength (nm)650-1550-1550
Max. output power (mW)5-20-100
Safety class (at max power)3R-3B-3B
Working distance (m)up to 200
Beam divergence (mrad)0,8-1-100