Recently BROLIS team had a chance to meet and present equipment to one of the best Special Forces units in the World - Austrian EKO Cobra and Jagdkommando.

EKO Cobra (Einsatzkommando Cobra) is the police tactical unit of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior. EKO Cobra is not part of the Austrian Federal Police but is directly under the control of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Operating since 1978, EKO Cobra heads the Austrian direct response to terrorism and is made up of some 450 special-trained professionals.

EKO COBRA and its predecessors took part in such incidents as the prevention of the hijacking of an airborne aircraft in 1996, support in the solving of the kidnapping known as the Flick Case, resolving the spectacular hostage situation in the prison facility of Graz-Karlau, and in other cases of extortion, kidnapping, hostage-taking, and serious violent crimes.


The Jagdkommando (German for Hunting force) is the Austrian Armed Forces' Special Operations group. The duties of this elite unit are chiefly counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency, among others. Jagdkommando soldiers are highly trained professionals whose thorough and rigorous training enables them to take over when tasks or situations outgrow the capabilities and specialization of conventional units.

Thanks for the warm welcome and the best luck in the Future's tasks.