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BROLIS LP3X Series NIR (VIS 905-1064 nm)

BROLIS LP3X Series NIR (VIS 905-1064 nm)

The BROLIS LP3X is a rugged, small and extremely lightweight NIR laser pointer-illuminator featuring 3 laser sources: Visible red (green on request), covert NIR aiming pointer and adjustable IR illuminator. The BROLIS LP3X is designed for use with small arms and crew served weapons to provide enhanced direct-fire aiming and illumination capabilities in any weather conditions. The BROLIS LP3X is easy to use, operates from a single CR123A battery, has full metal aircraft grade aluminum housing and optionally could be protected by superior wear and corrosion resistant, chemically stable ceramic coating.

Other laser wavelength combinations are available on request.

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Part numberLP3X-650-905-905 - LP3X-650-1064-980 - LP3X-650-980-980
Wavelength (nm)650-905-905 - 650 -1064-980 - 650-980-980
Safety class (at max power)3R - 3B - 3B
Working distance (m)up to 200
Beam divergence (mrad)0,8 - 1 - 100
Max. output power (W)5 - 50 - 100