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BROLIS M3 Aiming laser

BROLIS M3 Aiming laser

BROLIS presents the Kit engineered together with Heckler&Koch comprising: LLM (light laser module), white light torch, fore-grip, battery container and remote control.

The Kit is designed for use with small arms and crew-served weapons to provide enhanced direct-fire aiming and illumination capabilities in any weather conditions, as well as multiple adjustment functions.

Extremely lightweight and compact with electronically adjustable infrared illuminator. Integrated flip-up mechanical front sight does not interfere with the line of sight during conventional optical aiming since it protrudes only about 25 mm above the mounting rail. Full MilSpec,  Spec. Ops. orientated.  One remote control for LLM and white light. All three lasers are co-aligned, making zeroing procedures a snap. Zeroing one, will zero the other to the same POI, allowing the operator to zero the laser during the day and conduct quick checks to confirm. Sealed and high reliability multi-contact connections. Control pad featured on the grip separates dual remote allowing to control both the flashlight and LLM. 

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